The Psychedelic Diaries, Vol VIII: Seven “Mozart Zone” observations

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  1. The 2nd was surprising: one particular region of the brain is much less active, the default mode network (DMN). This part of the brain kicks in while we’re awake but technically inactive… like a car sitting at a stoplight

Seven Mozart Zone effects:

1) Fewer pangs of anxiety

We all have anxious thoughts. But less cumulative thoughts, thanks to a quieter DMN, also means less anxious thoughts.

2) Athletic performance is enhanced

I’ve noticed this especially in sports where the millimeters really matter for execution… e.g. tennis, golf, basketball.

3) Musical performance is bolstered

There’s a reason the Beatles unabashedly supported psychedelics.

4) The overall creativity muscle is dialed-in

There’s a reason Steve Jobs unambiguously supported psychedelics.

5) Meditation is easier

There’s a reason Jack Kornfield unequivocally supported psychedelics.

6) You’re more comfortable being brought to tears

This is enjoyable because the majority of the emotional moments are tears of joy.

7) You’ll have more ideas

One idea can change everything.



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Ray Christian

Ray Christian

Innovator, designer, strategist, public speaker, psychonaut. Engaged in a love affair with cutting-edge mental healthcare, AI, & psychedelics